Trust Me - Season 1
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Trust Me - Season 1

Trust Me - Season 1

Trust Me was written by Dan Sefton, a qualified doctor who once worked at a hospital where a fake physician was rumbled (one of many of such cases identified every year). This film feature Cath as a hardworking nurse who lost her job for whistle-blowing and has to take drastic steps to provide for her daughter. She steals her best friend’s identity as a senior doctor and starts a new life in Edinburgh, as things are going steady in the land of fake identity for Cath how long will it last before her old life catches up and destroys her fragile creation?

Genre: Drama

Actor: Cath Hardacre, Andy Brenner, Brigitte Rayne

Director: John Alexander

Country: United Kingdom

Episode: 4

Duration: 56m

Release: 2017

IMDb: 0.5/10