Every Witch Way - Season 4
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Every Witch Way - Season 4

Every Witch Way - Season 4

Emma’s decision to be with Jax triggers a Continuum Break on Daniel, where he shifts into a different life in the Everglades, and everyone except for Emma forgets who he is. Emma and the gang travel to the Everglades to take Daniel back to Miami to restore his memory, but Emma’s explanation of the Continuum Break limits the time to have his memory restored to only five days, or else he’ll disappear from existence forever, and Emma will not remember him as well. In the crossover with Talia in the Kitchen, Talia Parra’s magic spices gave Daniel some of his memory back (only up until the day he and Emma met), but a kiss with Emma finally ends the Countinuum Break, giving his entire memory back. However, in the finale, Emma realizes how Daniel misses his other life in the Everglades and triggers the Continuum Break again to make him happy.At the end of the finale. Emma and Andi visit the Novoas, with Jake saying that Jessie, now that she has her powers, will soon be attending the WITS Academy to learn how to use them. Then, after they see Daniel one last time in the Everglades, Emma announces that Andi will attend the W.I.T.s Academy as well to train to finally become a guardian. Andi packs (with Emma giving her the Hex), they arrive at school, and the series ends with Andi leaving through the portal for the Academy, leading up to the Every Witch Way spin-off series.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Actor: Paola Andino, Nick Merico, Paris Smith

Director: Mariela Romero, Catharina Ledeboer

Country: United States

Episode: 18

Duration: 23m

Release: 2015

IMDb: 0.4/10